Do you remember your second grade teacher? What was the teacher’s name? More importantly, do you remember anything specifically that teacher taught you? I know one second grade teacher who gave her students a lesson that would help them during all their later years, if they remembered a symbolic event she took them through one day behind the school building.

Very soon after launching her twenty-five-year teaching career, the second-grade teacher noticed a defeatist mood among her students — judging by what they said so often.

Examples: “I can’t do this math.” “I can’t understand what you just said.” “I can’t read well at all.” “I can’t remember the…

“Smile when you say that, partner” was a line that actors said many times in cowboy movies — and that remains good advice today, as you’ll note when you read about how our facial expressions play a vital role in the impression we make, sometimes generating more impact than our carefully chosen words.

When you’re interacting with others, your facial expression has as much impact as what you’re saying — if not more.

Example: When you speak to a group or direct a meeting, within a couple of minutes you can identify participants who are highly interested — and also those who appear…

Because your voice is your “signature in sound,” you’ll want to use these five ways to maximize your vocal presence whenever you present your ideas to groups of any size.

When you hear somebody talk about “public speaking,” you might picture a formal situation with a sizable audience — such as speaking at a convention or civic club. However, you are definitely speaking in public when you

— direct a departmental meeting

— coach your sales team

— make a…

Unforgettable Lesson From a Father’s Message to His Son

Photo by Bigstock with Permission

For many years my parents subscribed to Reader’s Digest. Usually I enjoyed reading each issue as much as they did. The segment I liked most was a feature called “The Best Advice I Ever Had.”

Even today…

Bad news is that we won’t make in-person presentations for awhile, yet the good news is that we can communicate with poise and persuasion using Zoom — when we follow these seven guidelines.

As a Zoom veteran — having hosted more than sixty top-tier guests on my weekly “Biz Communication Show” — I offer these 7 ways to make sure your online presentations look and sound highly professional.


Zoom’s Website provides instructional videos for novice users and for more experienced professionals. For more…

Covid-19 has brought sickness, grief, fear and depression to people we know, and often we avoid seeing them because we can’t think of what to say that is tactful and helpful — so in this article I am giving you steps that will empower you with words that help and heal.

You may have heard and read plenty of advice about what to say in certain situations — interviews, sales presentations, civic club speeches and more.

Yet no course or coaching or books could have prepared us for the conversations we are having this year during Covid 19.

My extreme embarrassment made me vow to get the facts before I acted on assumptions alone.

Life as a graduate student at Ohio University would have been demanding enough my first year without that inconsiderate neighbor in the building behind me. …

When I noted that the calendar commemorates National Boss Day, mentally I started reviewing the communication habits of supervisors, managers and CEOs, I readily came up with a list of how the best leaders function in their daily interactions with workplace colleagues. Here are 7 of their communication practices.


Appearing as a guest on a radio or TV talk show generates valuable publicity for your business and for you individually, so use these tips to look and sound poised and professional.

Having hosted radio shows for decades and having appeared as a TV guest occasionally, I have observed what makes guests impressive and memorable. I’m glad to share these tips that will help you excel during your time on the air.


Prior to the show, send your host a list of…


Bill Lampton, Ph.D. — former University of GA prof, then management VP — helps you communicate with poise, persuasion and profits.

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